Dr Brian Sheen in a classroom speaking to a group of people about the power of quantum embodiment

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Dr Brian Sheen with a group of female and male students proudly displaying their diploma of approval from the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner course

Welcome to the Quantum Embodiment School!

SIQuE, not just a place to learn, but a pathway to grow and develop a happier, healthier life!

Degree Programs:

It's about joining an educational journey that takes you through the five key layers of existence that make us human. You'll explore your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual selves. Also explore how you connect with others in your relationships - be it friendships, romance, business, or even your connection with a higher power.

Thanks to groundbreaking developments in epigenetics and neuroscience, you’re offered potential breakthroughs for quicker, more outstanding healing results than ever before. This isn't just a promise, it's backed by science!

Degree Programs:

Associates Degree in Quantum Embodiment

The first step towards becoming a Quantum Embodiment practitioner. This program offers a unique opportunity to personally experience the transformative tools and techniques of QE.

As students delve into the world of QE, they become their own first client for healing, allowing them to expand their awareness and develop new habits for a more fulfilling life.

Through epigenetically based techniques, students dive deep into rewiring their brains and shifting gene expressions to master their emotional and physical intelligence.

The program is designed for students to progress at their own pace, with the option to participate in quarterly interactive training sessions led by the renowned Dr. Brian Sheen.

Degree Programs:

Bachelors in Quantum Embodiment

Discover the transformative power of Quantum Embodiment with our Bachelor’s Degree program. Delve deeper into advanced principles and techniques, empowering yourself and others to unlock the full potential of this cutting-edge practice.

Our hands-on curriculum guides students through personal growth and development, preparing them to help others improve their lives through QE.

Certification includes practical experience working with clients and teaching others the life-changing techniques of Quantum Embodiment.

Step into the future of holistic healing and embark on a rewarding journey towards personal and professional fulfillment.

Degree Programs:

Masters in Quantum Embodiment

A one-year personally supervised program of demonstrating proficiency in integrating the tools of Quamtum Embodiment  to help others.

There will be special online Masters Class training sessions that allows students to present cases. Ongoing supervision provides students the opportunity to fulfill their required lab hours by submitting cases and having personal review sessions with Dr. Sheen.

Students take a test at the end of every course and must pass with 90%, plus work with other students to share the steps they are learning on each course.

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