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Dr. Brian Sheen

Passionate about Quantum Embodiment

It has been a passion for over 55 years of exploration and innovation for Dr. Brian Sheen to develop The Epigenetics based Science of Quantum Embodiment, QE. QE is a transformative blend of neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, Ayurveda, modern psychology, and quantum physics that educates you on how and what you can do to utilize epigenetics to improve your health and heal your unwanted conditions without unnecessary medications.

Quantum Embodiment and Epigenetics

Now Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment help you to understand how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. This study changes the way you move and behave, taking more control over your life and health. Dr. Sheen’s pioneer work paves the way to your perfect health by this blend of ancient knowledge and modern studies called the Science of Quantum Embodiment.

Effective, drug-free treatments

After seeing the patient suffering due to the failure and abuses of psychiatry and psychology. Dr. Sheen started researching to help people find a more effective way. His studies have helped people make significant shifts in their lives, enhancing their mental, emotional, and spiritual skills, boosting their physical and mental wellness, while greatly improving their relationships. These are the purposes of the Science of Quantum Embodiment, QE.

About Dr Brian Sheen

The Journey

Brian’s journey started young after profound experiences with plant medicines and meditation. At just 17, he was drawn into humanistic psychology,  metaphysics, Buddhism, gestalt therapy ayurveda, yoga, and Eastern philosophies.

From Brooklyn College in New York, he traveled far and wide from England, Portugal, and
Spain to move to Boston to utilize his unique education to improve the wellness and
performance of those in the blossoming high-tech Route 128 hub.

The Experience

He worked as a life coach, management consultant, and alternative therapist at Boston’s
premier Executive Education Center. Dr. Sheen then brought his skills and knowledge to West Palm Beach, Florida in 1975. There, he co-managed a group of international businesses while sharing his research through a new counseling group.

Brian’s pursuit of wisdom took him to master spiritual practitioners around the globe. He traveled to India, Egypt, England, and South America, training with revered minds such as Dr. Alexander Lowen, Dr. Brian Weiss, Richard Wayne Bandler, Bert Hellinger Credo Mutwa, Stanislav Grof, and many Gurus who lightened up the world with their wisdom.

The Quantum Healing Center

In 1997, Brian purchased what would become the Quantum Healing Center in Delray Beach. In 2009, Brian founded the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (FICAM), the first state-licensed school providing specialized training in mind/body medicine. Here, he developed the Clear minded Children Program in response to concerns from parents about their children’s behavior, providing skills and strategies for children identified with ADD/ADHD. This program was recognized by CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS and became the foundation for the Seven Keys for Attention Development.

Our Programs

He then channeled his efforts into an interactive online training programs and the pioneering app The Seven Keys for Attention Development, providing a 12-week interactive training program with tools and strategies using epigenetics for developing emotional wellness, focus and expedited healing without the needs for psychotropic medications. This program had stellar success for achieving a 97% improvement in its graduates. In 2008, Brian founded the Florida Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (FICAM), the first state-licensed school providing specialized training in mind/body medicine.

The birth of the Science Institute of Quantum Embodiment

Now in 2023 the online university of the Science Institute of Quantum Embodiment ,SIQuE will be launched. During this time, Brian had been an active board member on the CDC’s and Palm Beach County Health Department’s ACHIEVE initiative, advocating for health innovation in the community. His emotional intelligence training program was approved for 88,000 children in Palm Beach County schools. He worked for many years with the Palm Beach County Wellness Task Force and the Palm Beach Stress Reduction Initiatives sharing the QE perspective.

Dr. Brian Sheen around the World!

Brian has shared his research and experiences at conferences worldwide, cementing his
reputation as a thought leader and innovator in integrative medicine. He continues to push the boundaries, seeking new ways to bring the knowledge of epigenetics and quantum embodiment to improve health, enjoyment and harmony in people’s lives.

He has given over 2000 seminars on self-improvement using epigenetics, quantum
embodiment, spiritual philosophy, intergenerational trauma and alternative therapies, for healing the mind, corporate education, motivation, accessing the power of your mind, meditation, leadership training and development over the past 33 years.

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