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Young Asian man studying with a lot of stress among a pile of books

Stress Management: Transforming Stress Into Positive Growth.

Quantum Embodiment Courses:

Using Epigenetics & the Science of Quantum Embodiment® to Reduce Stress and Turn it Into Positive Growth.

  • Able to lower their stress levels and feel more at relaxed and at peace to think clearer and make better decisions.
  • Decrease stress and boost your happiness.
  • Learn how to minimize stress symptoms like tension, overwhelm, worry, irritability, insomnia, and emotional eating.
  • Learn how to maximize your joy.
  • Addressing immediate stressors.
  • Reducing long-term or daily stress.
Dr Brian Sheen


The human body as the center of the different elements of quantum embodiment

The Science of Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment®.

Quantum Embodiment Courses:

The Integration of Neuroscience, Alternative Therapy and Ancient Wisdom That Integrates the Latest Advances of Epigenetics.

  • Learn special insights of how to use epigenetics and quantum embodiment® to help heal any issue at each level of their physical, emotional, mental spiritual.
  • Discover why current or previous recovery efforts or healing work didn’t accomplish their hoped for goals.
  • Be educated to use epigenetically based approaches that enhance immunity and maintain the immune system at the highest levels.
  • How to increase immunity and disease tolerance levels to prevent infections, illness and diseases by recoding your genes.
  • To begin the process to reduce or replace medications for depression,anxiety,ADHD and Insomnia.
Dr Brian Sheen


The human body seen from epigenetics

The Epigenetics Cure for Mental and Physical Illness

Quantum Embodiment Courses:

Re-educating Your Cells and DNA for Optimal Health Using the Science of Quantum Embodiment®

  • Help you to prevent over 75% of all chronic physical and mental illnesses to expedite a persons return to health.
  • Reduce or alleviate need for psychotropic medications for depression, ADHD and anxiety.
  • Help you to avoid recurrence of an illness and guide you to improve the quality of your life and relationships.
  • Provide you with the tools needed to circumvent the “elderly pit” of slow death that occurs over the last 10 years of a person’s life in our country.
Dr Brian Sheen


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