Quantum Embodiment :
Now You can overcome depression, social anxiety and stress without medications.

Learn the latest developments in epigenetics and neuroscience to enjoy better mental and physical health, medication free Integrate the Science of Quantum Embodiment® into your life to embrace the new normal confidently. You can now enjoy the healthy mind and body to fulfill your heart's desires. Be ready for the wonderful new possibilities.
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Bachelors Degree in Quantum Embodiment
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Quantum Embodiment School:

Thanks to groundbreaking developments in epigenetics and neuroscience, which are integrated into the teachings of Quantum Embodiment (QE), you’re offered potential breakthroughs for quicker, more outstanding healing results than ever before.

This isn’t just a promise, it’s backed by science!

Now, as the world is going through tough times, see it as a chance to transform. there’s another way to improve your life, boost your immunity, and ditch those harmful medications.

Discover peace within yourself and in your relationships!

Dr Brian Sheen with a group of female and male students proudly displaying their diploma of approval from the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioner course
Science of Prevention and Healing
Stress management
Emotional Intelligence
Embark on a Transformative Educational Journey Through the Five Layers of Human Existence

It's about joining an educational journey that takes you through the five key layers of existence that make us human.
You'll explore your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual selves, and how you connect with others in your relationships - be it friendships, romance, business, or even your connection with a higher power.

Dr. Brian Sheen

Associates Degree in Quantum Embodiment
Bachelors Degree in Quantum Embodiment
Masters Degree in Quantum Embodiment
Quantum Embodiment Archive Membership

Why Should you Register for Quantum Embodiment (QE) School

Personal Experience

Dive headfirst into QE's life-changing techniques and see their impact on your mind, body, and spirit.

Shared Stories

Connect with others on a similar path, hear their experiences, and broaden your understanding of QE.

Fun Habits

Learn to create habits that make life more enjoyable, and align your actions with your dreams for a fulfilling life.

Epigenetics Techniques

Dive into the science of epigenetics. Learn how to rewire your brain and change the way your genes work for personal growth and wellness.

Mastering Emotions and Body

Gain the skills to navigate your emotions and take care of your physical health.

Your Own Pace

Go at your own speed. QE school lets you shape your learning journey based on your needs and preferences.

Live Training

Get exclusive, live training sessions every quarter with Dr. Brian Sheen himself. Here's your chance to deepen your knowledge, ask questions, and get personalized Guidance.

Access to Dr. Sheen's Resources

Get unlimited access to Dr. Brian Sheen's library of articles, videos, guided meditations, and more.

What´s our clients say about SIQuE School

“Ever since my twin brother died I have been waiting to follow him to the grave to join him. No more. I now feel his presence inside and around me and understand bodily death is not an end to life, but a new beginning! I never thought I would ever enjoy life again but the knowledge Brian shared has had remarkable impact on me. Thank you,thank you, thank you”

Terrence A.

“This training program was EXCELLENT! The instructor did a great job of explaining the material in a clear and concise way. I learned a lot, and I would definitely recommend this course to others”

Kamal H.

“This course is a game-changer for anyone seeking to not only manage stress but also harness its potential for personal transformation. Highly recommended for anyone looking to thrive in today's fast-paced world.”

Lillie N.


99.9% Customer Satisfaction based on 550+ reviews of 2,250 Faculty Courses, and 2,820 Happy Students trust us.

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Do you go to bed each night satisfied and fulfilled, feeling happy?

SIQuE shares the many effective scientific tools and strategies for living an empowered life without psychotropic medications or dependency on any drug that can harm the body.

In Each Training Module, I share my 50 years of experience and expertise in mental and emotional stability, expedited healing of physical illness, and expanded spiritual awareness.

Every day I make myself available to help those on my mentoring program to access my expertise to supervise their personal or client cases to help them to expedite healing, thrive and reclaim their authentic self.

Every month I offer interactive training webinars and classes to provide direct access to the decades of experience I have gathered to face, embrace, and bring grace to the most perplexing mental, emotional and physical conditions that can burden an individual, family or group.

Dr brian sheen standing with open arms inviting you to join his associates degree in quantum embodimnet

Associates Degree in Quantum Embodiment
The first step towards becoming a Quantum Embodiment practitioner. This program offers a unique opportunity to personally experience the transformative tools and techniques of QE. As students delve into the world of Quantum Embodiment, they become their own first client for healing, allowing them to expand their awareness and develop new habits for a more fulfilling life….

Dr brian sheen standing with open arms inviting you to join his bachelors degree in quantum embodimnet

Bachelors in Quantum Embodiment
Students expand the depth of their knowledge by learning advanced principles of QE that include deeper personal work and the opportunity to grow while they help others use QE to improve their lives. For certification each student will then have to submit three clients that they have worked with successfully one or more of the QE protocols.

Dr brian sheen standing with open arms inviting you to join his masters degree in quantum embodimnet

Masters in Quantum Embodiment
A one-year personally supervised program of demonstrating proficiency in integrating the tools of QE to help others. There will be special online Masters Class training sessions that allows students to present cases. Ongoing supervision provides students the opportunity to fulfill their required lab hours by submitting cases and having personal review sessions with Dr. Sheen.

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Start your transformative journey with Quantum Embodiment School today.

We’re here to guide you
every step of the way!

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About Dr. Brian Sheen

I’m Dr. Brian Sheen, and I can help you to treat 95% of the underlying causes of your chronic medical problems using my life’s research.

I have learned from masters while traveling worldwide in search of the answers. And now, after 50 years in wellness, self-improvement, and spirituality, embracing the scientific advances made.

I’m ready to share my knowledge and strategies with those who are ready to find another way.

Education & Experience

It has been a passion for over 55 years of exploration and innovation for Brian to develop The Epigenetics based Science of Quantum Embodiment, QE. QE is a transformative blend of neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, Ayurveda, modern psychology, and quantum physics that educates you on how and what you can do to utilize epigenetics to improve your health and heal your unwanted conditions without unnecessary medications.

Now Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment help you to understand how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. This study changes the way you move and behave, taking more control over your life and health. And Dr. Sheen’s pioneer work paves the way to your perfect health by this blend of ancient knowledge and modern studies called the Science of Quantum Embodiment.

After seeing the patient suffering due to the failure and abuses of psychiatry and psychology. Dr. Sheen started researching to help people find a more effective way. His studies have helped people make significant shifts in their lives, enhancing their mental, emotional, and spiritual skills, boosting their physical and mental wellness, while greatly improving their relationships.

These are the purposes of the Science of Quantum Embodiment, QE.

Dr. Brian Sheen
Dr. Brian Sheen
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Explore the transformative potential of Quantum Embodiment with Dr. Brian Sheen.

Schedule a personnel consultation today and embark on a path to holistic well-being.

Your journey to optimal health and self-discovery starts here.

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