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A course by
Dr. Brian Sheen

Chief Instructor

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Training Your Brain for Success Through Emotionally Empowered Re-Envisioning (STEER).

About Course

Most people have monkey minds, a nonstop surge of thinking that rarely slows down or shuts off creating endless worry and anxiety.  Do you? Imagine a course where your mind becomes the trainer of your brain! It’s all about boosting your focus, making dreams real, and keeping your mind and emotions strong. You’ll unlock secrets from epigenetics, neuroscience, and alternative medicine that helps you stopp feeding your inner monkey. In this journey, you become the expert in your body’s internal chemistry.

Your mind plays a vital role, like a pharmacist, it sends electromagnetic impulses that controls your three brains and each of your body’s systems, deciding whether you feel great or stressed. It’s the boss, sending messages to your DNA on how to make power-boosting proteins.

This course offers proven methods. They activate your endocrine system to make the right neurotransmitters and deactivate your fight or flight systems. You might even accomplish what most who thoroughly do this course discover and reduce or stop some if not all of your medications!

It’s a simple step-by-step plan to flush out stress and negativity. In return, you gain focus, calmness, and empowerment.

But it’s not just about peace. It’s about arming you with tools to follow your heart and achieve your highest goals. It’s a mental rejuvenation, like a breath of fresh air.

These methods are for everyone. They fit different situations. It’s a guide to reduce stress, boost immunity, and enhance life’s joy.

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