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A course by
Dr. Brian Sheen

Chief Instructor

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The Science of Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment®

About Course

Imagine embarking on a transformative journey where you ween off your medications and learn to stimulate healing by unlocking the power of your DNA through epigenetics. Picture molding the neuroplasticity of your brain to create beneficial neural networks that bolster health, extend your lifespan, and cultivate advanced emotional intelligence. Imagine a world where anxieties crumble, creativity blossoms, and profound inner peace flourishes! This course reveals the process of activating your inner pharmacy and addressing the hidden roots of your issues. Unhealthy signals leading to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, immune deficiencies, social anxiety, depression, and ADHD, can be intercepted.

Dive into the essence of Quantum Embodiment®, a technique that empowers healing and eradicates hidden stressors from the past. By adopting these strategies, you fortify your immunity, ward off infections, and disentangle past traumas and family ties embedded in your subconscious and unconscious minds.

This course represents the pinnacle of my 53-year journey in the realm of alternative health and healing. It’s packed with wisdom on how to accelerate healing, extend your life, and develop advanced emotional intelligence, inspiring a place where anxieties bow down, creativity soars, and profound inner peace is born!

Get ready to be invigorated and uncover the elusive elements causing mental, emotional, and physical ailments. Discover why, despite your many efforts to cure them with various health practitioners, some conditions persist in your life.

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