Masters Degree in Quantum Embodiment

Masters Degree in Quantum Embodiment

A one-year personally supervised program of demonstrating proficiency in integrating the tools of Quamtum Embodiment  to help others. There will be special online Masters Class training sessions that allows students to present cases. Ongoing supervision provides students the opportunity to fulfill their required lab hours by submitting cases and having personal review sessions with Dr. Sheen.

Students take a test at the end of every course and must pass with 90%, plus work with other students to share the steps they are learning on each course

Mentoring: Students Meet with Dr. Sheen quarterly, interactions to review their clients progress and receive directions on case issues of people they are working with.

This is a rare opportunity! Having personal review sessions.

SIQuE Courses

- The Science of Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment®.

- The Epigenetics Cure for Mental and Physical Illness

- Overcoming Today's Stress, Anxiety and Assault on Health To Develop Emotional Wellness, Mental Clarity and a Physical Super Immunity

- Overcoming ADD and ADHD to Restore Focus and Self Control

- Expediting the Healing Process of your Mind, Body & Spirit

- Overcoming depression without medication. You deserve to be happy and drug free

- Avoiding Medical Misdiagnosis, Mistreatment and Threats

- Key prescriptions of Quantum Embodiment

- Reversing The Stress When Life Becomes Overwhelming

- Epigenetic Based Meditation for Clearing Your Heart and Mind

- Stress Management: Transforming Stress Into Positive Growth

- Training Your Brain For Success Through Emotionally Empowered Re Envisioning. (STEER)

- Parenting in Our New World of Uncertainty and Massive Change

- Death and Immortality; A Scientific & Spiritual Perspective

- Success Through Emotionally Empowered Re-Envisioning (STEER)

- The Spiritual Psychotherapy of A Course in Miracles (Part I)

- A Course in Miracles; Enhancing Your Wellness (Part II)

- Using A Course in Miracles To Rewire Your Brain (Part III)

- Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment: Your Doctor’s Advice is The Number

- The Epigenetics Cure: Re-educating Your Cells and DNA for Optimal Health Using the Science of Quantum Embodiment

- Accesing your Inner Pharmacy

- The Aftermath of Covid: CPSD; Chronic Pandemic Stress Disorder

NoteStudy books should be purchased by students at a low price on Amazon. Kindle, audible and hardcover versions are available. For more information click here

Meet with Dr. Sheen quarterly for 60 minute
interactions to review their clients progress and
receive directions on case issues of people they
are working with.

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