How does the online learning platform work?
Our online learning platform is user-friendly and accessible 24/7. Once you log in, you will have access to all of your course materials, assignments, and resources.
You can watch video lectures, participate in discussions, complete quizzes, and interact with instructors and classmates.
Our platform also allows for easy communication with our student support team for any questions or concerns.
What are the technical requirements needed to access online classes?

To access our online classes, you will need a reliable internet connection, a computer or mobile device with audio and video capabilities, and access to a compatible web browser.

How do I register for a Degree?

To join the Associates Degree in Quantum Embodiment click here.

For Bachelors Degree in Quantum Embodiment click here and for Masters Degree in Quantum Embodiment click here

My payment did not go through. What do I do?

Please immediately contact our student support team via WhatsApp or via email

Do you provide payment plans for Degrees?

Yes. You can pay in 5 monthly payments

How are degrees conducted (live sessions, recorded lectures, interactive assignments, etc.)?

Our degrees are a combination of courses with recorded lectures, assignments, books and interactions directly with Dr. Brian Sheen 

Is it possible to set up a private consultation with Dr Sheen?

Yes. Please schedule a consultation directly with Dr. Sheen. click here


Does Dr Sheen offer consultations to help me devise protocols for my patients?

Yes. Please schedule a consultation directly with Dr. Sheen. click here

Can I book Dr. Sheen for workshops in my company?

Yes. Please contact Dr. Sheen at

How is student progress assessed and graded?

Student progress is assessed and graded through a combination of quizzes, assignments, projects, and exams. Each course will have its own assessment criteria outlined in the course syllabus. Students will receive feedback on their work from Dr. Sheen and can track their progress throughout the course. The passing grade required to successfully complete the courses is 90%

How can I access textbooks and other materials?

Study books should be purchased by students at a low price on Amazon. Kindle, audible and hardcover versions are available. For more information click here

You can also join Dr. Sheen’s knowledge community by clicking here.

What technical support is available for students experiencing issues with the online platform?

If you experience any technical problems with any of our products, Please immediately contact our student support team via WhatsApp or by email:

Have a Question? Provide your contact information and we’ll send you more information about our degrees, courses and memberships

Please refer to our contact section, click here

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