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Dr. Brian Sheen

Chief Instructor

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Overcoming Today's Stress, Anxiety and Assault on Health Using Neuroscience and Epigenetics

About Course

Get ready to dive into a life-transforming journey where you’ll see wellness in a whole new light. Now you can grasp the intriguing complexities of your body and tackle the issue of stress and anxiety thrown your way by today’s challenging times.

This pandemic has impacted our health in ways we’re still beginning to understand, tweaking our brains’ wiring and potentially switching on a host of genes that could put us at risk for mental and physical illnesses. But fear not! This course is your trusty guide to navigating through these health hazards.

Utilizing cutting-edge sciences like Epigenetics and Quantum EmbodimentĀ®, you’ll uncover strategies to stay calm, cultivate peace of mind, and tap into your body’s inner pharmacy. Imagine decreasing your reliance on medications or alcohol while boosting your immunity! This newfound resilience won’t just benefit you – it’ll become a shield of protection for your loved ones, keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Here, you won’t just learn how to safeguard yourself from the pandemic’s threats. You’ll also become empowered to face an uncertain future, armed with optimal health and self-reliance. It’s our first duty to maintain our health and not fall prey to the ever-present economic and political dangers.

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