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Dr. Brian Sheen

Dr. Brian Sheen

It has been a passion for over 55 years of exploration and innovation for Brian to develop The Epigenetics based Science of Quantum Embodiment, QE. QE is a transformative blend of neuroscience, psychoneuroimmunology, Ayurveda, modern psychology, and quantum physics that educates you on how and what you can do to utilize epigenetics to improve your health and heal your unwanted conditions without unnecessary medications.

Now Epigenetics and Quantum Embodiment help you to understand how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. This study changes the way you move and behave, taking more control over your life and health. And Dr. Sheen’s pioneer work paves the way to your perfect health by this blend of ancient knowledge and modern studies called the Science of Quantum Embodiment.

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